Deviation Plastic Pegs

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Deviation Plastic Pegs

Originally released by AVID Scooters in 2014, the Deviation pegs have always used a fantastic plastic that yields amazing properties for scooter pegs. Nylatron plastic is lightweight, yet resilient against slams, and the outer surface is self lubricated, embed with softer plastic- this coincidentally gives the cool look. Other companies have started to catch up with AVID's innovation but the Deviation pegs are for sure still the best plastic pegs on the market. Designed to help riders grind with ease while staying in control. Each peg weighs under an ounce; together only about 1.5oz! Plastic gives a much smoother and flowy grind compared to metal pegs. These pegs are also great for riders who are looking to have the lightest scooter possible, without eliminating their pegs. Plastic does wear faster than a steal peg, but the lightweight and amazing slide of a plastic peg is un matched. 

Includes 2 pegs, a 3" axle and a 3.5" axle

May need longer axles. AVID plastic pegs take up 1" of axle length in the core, measure the outside of your fork/deck where the axle goes to calculate needed length. 

Peg is 1" diameter and 2" Long.