AVID Deck Pin Kit- Blue

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AVID Deck Pin Kit- Blue

Deck Pins have been around for longer than most riders, but they have been hard to install, hard to find, no real development had been made until now. Pins are a griptape alternative, working more off pressure than friction. They create an amazing grip that can be very beneficial for certain tricks, helping to lock in when needed but loosen up your traction when performing movement in the air. Deck Pinning Kits include AVID Deck Pins- 24 to be exact, and the tools necessary to install onto any scooter deck. Each deck can be pinned however you see fit, but we recommend spacing the pins out every 1 1/2"- 2" so 24 should be enough for most decks currently available.

We recommend drilling 1/2"-3/4" in from the edge of a deck, ensuring not to drill into an extrusion wall. These holes will not weaken your deck at all, and can always be covered up later if you change your mind about pins for a bit. Pins can be removed easily and also put onto another deck after your current one. The Pins are made of steel, so they don't wear through very fast. There are many reason why pins are a great alternative to griptape, and cost is a huge factor. The AVID pin kits will save you a good amount of cash down the road, with the average sheet of tape costing about $10 and needing replacement every month or two, whereas these pins will probably outlast the life of your deck!


Kit Includes:

24 Pins

1 Pin Wrench

1 m4 Drill and Tap Bit

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